Poster programme

Please note the poster session is on 1 February (day 1) from 13:00 to 15:00. Please see full programme for the day here.

P1  Jamming of non-colloidal plant cell-wall particles: the role of packing, mechanical properties, and surface interactions
   Panagiota Mouraka, University of Nottingham, UK
P2  Impacts of surface defects on the dynamics of wetting and on the shape of advancing contact lines
   Solomon Melides, University of Surrey, UK
P3  Effect of crystallization conditions on the physical properties of cocoa butter-based oleofoams: a multi-technique approach
   Lorenzo Metilli, University of Leeds, UK
P4  Preferentially solvated polysaccharides in aqueous glycerol feature coil to rod interconversions
   Pallab Kumar Borah, University of Nottingham, UK
P5  Potential of Bile Salt-Containing Liposomes as Carriers of Health-Promoting Resveratrol
   Aygul Can, University of Leeds, UK
 P6  Incidental Nanoparticles in Black Tea Infusion: Carriers of Bioactives Fortifying Protection on Intestinal Mucosal Cells against Oxidative Stresses
   Huan Han, Zhejiang gongshang University, China
 P7  A-TEEM (Absorbance-Transmission fluorescence Excitation and Emission Matrix) for quality control and fraud identification of food and beverages
   Giorgia Marucci, HORIBA, UK
 P8  The application of microrheological techniques to the characterisation of polysaccharide solutions
   Adam O'Connell, University of Leeds, UK
 P9  Positron Emission Particle Tracking (PEPT) as a Tool to Study Particle Dynamics in a Rotating Drum Coffee Roaster
   Mark Al-Shemmeri, University of Birmingham & Jacobs Douwe Egberts, UK
 P10  Numerical Simulations of Sintering Coupled with Heat Transfer and Application to Food 3D Printing
   Pietro Rando, University of Surrey, UK
 P11  Dynamic mechanical behaviour of chocolate for simulating handling and transportation
   Costas Elezoglou, Imperial College London, UK
 P12  Starch granule characterization and significance of particle-particle interactions in suspension rheology
   Arnesh Palanisamy, AgroParistech, France
 P13  Saliva influences the rheological properties of semi-solid foods containing starch: a quantitative in vitro study
   Anaïs Lavoisier, INRAE, France
 P14  Visualisation of pollen rehydration via deep learning
   James Grant-Jacob, University of Southampton, UK
 P15  Novel Lipid Based Nanoparticles for the Stimulation of Plant-Fungal Mycorrhizal Symbioses
   Iain Lawson, University of Leeds, UK
 P16  A low-intensity ultrasound study of the relationship between dough rheological properties and wheat free asparagine concentration
   Susane Trevisan, University of Manitoba, Canada

Key dates

Registration deadline:

31 January 2022

Organised by the IOP Food Physics Group